Who Am I and Why You Should Care?

My Brain cells are busy hacking Digital Marketing day & night!

I am a Growth Hacker & Digital Marketing Consultant with an Entrepreneurial instinct! When I am not working 14 hours a day & 6 days a week, that means my house is on fire.

I’m an IT grad, formerly from India, who landed in digital marketing by will. Now I love it so that I can’t live without hacking it.

The 9-5 life was never for me. So I didn’t even bother with it.

I jumped into business straight out of college and had always been amazing in both sales and marketing. Founded a Web Hosting company for four years and sold it for money.

At some point along the way, I began chronicling many of the marketing lessons I was learning and quickly discovered there was an enormous demand for accurate, in-depth instructional content around this topic.

I am Hustler!

I have been hustling now for five years in a row doing my own business and consulting large enterprises on Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

I am a Risk Taker!

I jumped into the startup world direct from college, where my colleagues and friends went for a high paying job in big corporates. It was odd for my family; still I decided to go behind mine dreams.

Money Screwed me!

I was screwed by money when I sold my Web Hosting company and Now decided to help and mentor people rather than focusing my desire for money. This deed of mine is eventually helping me earn even more.

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