Concluded 7 studies to find The Best Time to Send Email

What is the right time to send email? It’s one of the very common questions I come across while interacting with Marketing people.

Your emails open rate will fall if it goes out at the wrong time. Sending it on a perfect time could get you a tremendous result on your campaign’s effectiveness.

Do you want to know the best time to send your email marketing campaigns? You are at right place because here I will disclose what studies had shown up about email open rate and how you can relate it to your business.

Before moving further I want to show you the reason:

Why You should know the best time and days to send emails.

Sending emails you always wanted to have more open rates and click through rates to get more traffic on your website or blog. You will always get results because email list is your most loyal audience, who will always share your content once they read it. It will eventually get you more traffic, more subscribers, and more customers conversion.

Truth about Perfect Time to Send Email

Wouldn’t it be great if someone will tell you the exact time to send out your emails, and take you out from all the guess work?

There is a lot of data out there in the market which is trying to solve this problem. In this, many of the studies agree and while other are completely contradictory.

All the studies use different parameters and results of most are different.  So trying to figure out conclusions could be tough and frustrating.

Now you might be wondering all these studies will help me, or I have to test run it myself?

Yes, you have to do A/B testing for you list with your own send time to figure out the best time to send emails.

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The reason every email list is composed of the different set of people, habits, and locations. Therefore, it may be difficult to relate your email sending time with another email marketers best time.

You head might be popping out with the question then why should I go through the different studies?  To find out the best time to send an email.

This information in studies will get you the base information which you can tweak it your list.

Let’s take a look at what the studies collectively show is the best time to send emails. There is a valuable lesson to be learned from these studies.

The Email Marketing Studies

In this, i will be concluding top 7 studies in which research varies from studying billion of emails sent. The data is too scattered, but here I will try to connect the dots that will help you send the emails on the best date & time.

Here go the studies.

  1. Mailchimp’s study on Email Sends Time Optimization
  2. Getresponse research on Best day to send Emails
  3. HubSpot eBook on Best times to get your Business Emails Open
  4. WordStream report on Best time to send Email Newsletter
  5. Why worst day of the week is the best day to send Emails
  6. CampaignMonitor’s research on Best time to send Email Campaigns
  7. MalierMailer’s report on Email Sending Metrics

What is the Best Day to Send Email

After my research on above studies I tried to find out the top days for email open rates:

Tuesday – This is one of the top days where email open rate is high by reading the above studies.

Thursday – This day should be your second priority, and should work well if you are sending other mail in a week.

Wednesday – No study showed that this is the best day, but yes this could be your third priority

Note: Some of the studies also shown that the Email Open Rate & Click Through Rate is higher in weekends (Saturday & Sunday) but total number of emails open are quite lower on these days.


Mailchimp’s find Thursday & Tuesday to most open rate respectively

Mailchimp report on best days to send email


Getresponse finds the most mail open rates on Thursday & second one on Wednesday

getresponse report on best days to send emails


HubSpot insights say Tuesday is the best day to send emails followed with tier between Monday & Wednesday.

Hubspot report on best day to send emails


Wordstream screenshot says Thursday and then Wednesday works best for them in sending mailers.

Wordstream report on best days to send emails’s report says Tuesday is the best of all days to send emails of the week. Saturday may also be considered useful to send email because it has the highest open rate.

Customerio repost on best days to send emails


MailerMailer says the Tuesday wins with highest open, and Wednesday remain second.

MailerMailer report on best time days to send email

Best Time to sends Emails

Yes, this was little complicated for me as well to calculate the best time aggregating all of them, still my efforts brings results. From the report of all seven studies, i have tried to figure out best three times in a day to send emails.

It’s not always possible the best time which works for other should work for you as well, but this can give you the broad idea to test it your audience. Stay tuned with me and I will show you how to figure out best Days & Time to send emails to your audience.

10 AM to 11 AM – The Late morning considered as the best time of all the aggregated report to send emails

8 PM – You might be shocked to see, this time, even I was when I first saw the report from CampaignMonitor. It is because people are more likely to check their email before moving to the bed.

Note: Some studies show the email open rate early morning at 6AM is also good because more than 50% of the people check their emails on bed.


Mailchimp’s report show that 10 AM late morning is the best time to send emails, as it has more open and clicks through rates.

Mailchimp report on best time to send emails


Getresponse suggests 6 AM early morning is the best time for them to send email, followed by evening late at 8 PM.

Getresponse report on best time to send emails


HubSpot again relates 11 AM late morning is the best timing to send emails. For a proof check a screenshot below:

hubspot best time to send emails


This report is surprising where WordStream show most peak hours of open rate is at in afternoon 2 PM.

wordstream report on best time to send emails has divided the days into six parts and shows timings from 8 AM to 12 PM is good time range to send emails.

customerio report on best time to send emails


Report from MailerMailer shows the same result sending email morning at 10 AM is the best time for more open rates.

MailerMailer report on best time to send emails

Discover Best Day & Time for your list

Now you guys know what is the best day and time which works for email marketers across different industries. This data gives you the right starting point.

From the above conclusion you can follow these metrics to send emails and go for test run:

First Week

  • 10:00 AM on Tuesday
  • 10:00 AM on Wednesday
  • 10:00 AM on Thursday

Second Week:

  • 11:00 AM on Tuesday
  • 11:00 AM on Wednesday
  • 11:00 AM on Thursday

Third Week:

  • 8:00 PM on Tuesday
  • 8:00 PM on Wednesday
  • 8:00 PM on Thursday

Fourth Week:

  • 6:00 AM on Tuesday
  • 6:00 AM on Wednesday
  • 6:00 AM on Thursday

You can also try sending few mailers on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) by learning from Why worst day of the week is the best day to send Emails

Collecting data from this test run will help you plan your next month’s email campaigns.

The good open rate varies from industry to industry, but the average open rate across the industry is around 22%. You can check report by Smart Insights where will see the average open rate for your industry.

Wrapping it up

Finding the best time to send emails to your subscribers is dependent on how well you know your customers.

I recommend you not to play blindly over here: just test run for your subscribers based on the report I have shared above.

If you have followed the process and it worked for you positively don’t forget to comment below. Still you have any doubts on this report you can leave a comment, and I will try to answer each one of it.


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