How to Combine Digital Marketing and Direct Mail

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We are now in the age of digital marketing. However, the rise of multiple digital channels has caused many people to rethink their marketing strategies. After all, with so many digital platforms out there, what makes yours any different? That’s why we believe there is still a place for direct [...]

Is Data Quality Your Lead Flow’s Executioner?

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“In God we trust; all others bring data.” ― W. Edwards Deming The world is changing today at per second rate. New advancements in technologies are changing the way we think & live. The change is reaching all ways of our life including business. Corporates are applying the changes in [...]

How to write content for website that converts

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Are you writing the content for your website first time? Or you are planning to re-write the content. If you want to write a perfect content for your website you are at right place. Planning to write content for your site, believe me, no one can write better [...]

Why it’s good time to advertise your Business on Facebook

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You are a business owner or a marketer; there are tons of things to do starting from email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, SEO, sales branding, etc. Coming to Social Media Marketing, there is again too many platforms for marketing which can be confusing to choose. It's critical to understand that [...]

5 Killer tips to create a community around your Brand

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The idea of creating a community around brand or business is not new, but it has hugely evolved. Earlier, it used to revolve around passive persuasion based marketing strategies, but now, it entirely depends on the two-way interaction between your brand and your customers. Today, you need to create interactive, [...]