How to Combine Digital Marketing and Direct Mail

We are now in the age of digital marketing. However, the rise of multiple digital channels has caused many people to rethink their marketing strategies. After all, with so many digital platforms out there, what makes yours any different?
That’s why we believe there is still a place for direct mail. In fact, direct mail is something that resonates with every age group. So, why not combine both digital and direct mailing techniques?

Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Relevant?

Many people have asked this question as, despite the advancements of digital marketing in recent years and the technology at our disposal, is there really any need for direct mail marketing today?
The simple answer is, yes.
Direct mail marketing is still very relevant in today’s world, but the effectiveness of it can be properly harnessed if and when it is combined with digital marketing. The combination of both direct and digital mailing can maximise results.

Combining Direct and Digital

One of the most significant ways marketing has changed over the years is the way in which digital and direct mail marketing campaigns have become interdependent on each other.
We would advise that you avoid starting a direct mail campaign without starting by creating a digital marketing strategy to support it. Few things will worry consumers more than a brand that doesn’t maintain a high level of professional consistency across their various marketing channels. That’s why, anything you’re doing digitally for your brand, should also be reflected in the direct mail branding and tone of your online presence.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Use direct mail marketing such as leaflets, flyers, or brochures to advertise your services but ensure you clearly provide information directing customers to your online landing page, social media profiles, or shopping cart.
There is no hiding from the reality that the majority of sales happen online, so ensuring that you’re driving traffic to these places is extremely important and will help you create conversions and sales.

Ask Your Audience to Take Action

If you’re not asking people to take action at the end of an email of leaflet, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity! All your direct mail, both digital and direct, should incorporate a call to action that encourages people to perform a specific task for the benefit of your business.
Your call to action needs to be distinct, strong, and easy for your audience to accomplish without too much trouble. Some simple examples of good call to actions include:

-Call for more details
-Contact us for a free demonstration
-Visit our website to sign up for our service
-Complete the form to receive more information

Use a Unique URL

Having a unique URL won’t add to the cost of your mailing list but it is a great way of persuading customers to log onto your website and take action there. You can then trace the clicks on your unique URL to see whether people have logged on as a result of your direct mail campaign or not.
Remember to keep the URL short so that it’s easy to customers to find, login too and remember.

Add a Unique Code or Discount

Adding a unique code that potentially offers a discount to your mailing list can encourage people to call, email or complete information online. Codes specifically linked to bonuses are an effective way to measure the success of your direct mail technique, as well as being a great way to encourage people to visit your website.

Set Up a Trackable Phone Number

How do you measure the response rate in phone calls from your direct mail campaign? You set up a trackable phone number! You can track phone calls in any one of the following ways:
Enlist the services of a call tracking software company who can provide you with the ability to play back any calls you’ve received.

Set up a toll-free phone number that is dedicated to forwarding any calls received to your business line. This allows you to track how many calls are being received this way and can help you determine your response rate.

Progressive Profiling

This is a long-term plan, but it helps you get to know your client-base and who you’re targeting for specific marketing campaigns. The best way to carry out progressive profiling is by capturing a couple of relevant pieces of information each time you engage with someone. If you do this regularly, soon enough you will have all the information you need to engage with said individual effectively.

Improve Your Direct Mailing Today

Integrated digital and direct mail campaigns are always the most successful and they put you in the best position to reach your customers and understand what they want. For the ultimate direct mail success, you should ensure that every automated direct mail piece contains a call to action that drives the recipient to a page on your website for further action to be taken.
For companies that don’t maintain consistency across their various channels, it can have negative consequences on the brand’s reputation. Combining a more traditional form of marketing (direct mailing) with an up-to-date digital version (digital marketing) is what consumers have come to expect, so it’s important your brand delivers!

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