101 content types for content marketing you need to know

Planning content can be a tough task. Each day, you have to come up with a new and unique content idea. With the information load already on the web, marketers often suffer from roadblocks in content planning.

Modern day content campaigns require an exquisite mix of visual, video and written content, unlike the old days where 300-word posts could work wonders. How times have changed!

This is normal. I mean, writer’s block is a common thing, and so is a content block. However, if you segregate your content according to given categories, your work can get a lot easier. There are numerous patterns, which can be found, and therefore, a high variety of content types come to mind.

In this post, I will enlist Content types, which you as marketers can use to classify your content ideas easily and churn out new ones on the go.

Ultimate list of 101 Content Types every online marketer must know

  1. Lists

Listicles, as they are popularly called on online media, are a popular way of giving more information in one post. They attract readers based on interest or information. You can create list-based articles across all niches.

Statistically, oddly numbered Listicles invite more traffic than others. That’s why I named this list 101 Content Types!


Source: https://www.quicksprout.com/blog/

  1. Tutorials/ How To

 Comprehensive tutorials and how-to articles are an excellent way to increase readership and engagement on your website. These posts are in-depth and give very detailed guidelines about using a product, a tool or anything.

How To Post

Source: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/how-to-repurpose-your-content/

  1. Question Posts: Why?

 The bulk of the search queries on major search engines is in the form of questions. Not only do such posts help in boosting your overall search rankings, but they also invite greater clicks and views.

Increase your click through rate with Question in the Title by @NeilPatel

  1. Q&As

 Question and Answer posts are an excellent way to presented segmented information to your readers. Interested ones will read all the way as each issue provides solutions to their queries. The number of bloggers using such kind of posts is increasing each day.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Posts

 A fair share of your content production should go in non-promotional or promotional SEO posts. These posts have elements like H2 Tags and other on-page optimizations, which help them in getting mapped on search engines and you can help with any SEO Expert.

They boost the overall authority of your website.

  1. Case Studies

 Detailed case studies help you in establishing yourself as an authority. Just pick a major event in your business niche and then analyze it. All you have to do is publish your analysis and inferences. Click here, for an example of a detailed case Study


 This is a great way to establish influence and connect personally with your readers and followers. These quotes can easily be made via tools like Canva and can be published and shared.


@MichaelHyatt has published the inspirations quotes on his website

  1. Testimonials

 Testimonials from your clients, colleagues and customers should be published and share with your readers. It helps project the much-needed credibility and gets good things in the minds of your readers about you.


  1. Infographics

Infographics drive maximum engagement based on what your niche is. They are a great way to provide information bundled in an artistically attractive way. Increase your outreach now by employing cool infographics in your campaigns.

You can very easily create Infographic Free for your Content using @canva


Source: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2012/02/best-content-marketing-infographics/

  1. Interviews

 Interviews are an excellent form of brand outreach. Just reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them for an interview. Share after publishing and see the results. Most popular bloggers post at least one interview each month. Click Here for an example.


  1. Demos

Usage, guidelines, and demo searches are big for mainstream and niche products. Therefore, product demos and descriptions invite good traffic online. They are easy to create and bring the much-needed organic traffic.

  1. Guides

They can be seen as a more detailed version of tutorials. Guides are long form posts (2500-4000 words) that pick a particular topic in a niche and provide complete information around it.


Source: https://www.quicksprout.com/blog/

They are an excellent way to establish authority for your site and due to the high content quality, search engines naturally pick them up.

  1. Product Reviews

 Product Reviews are a great way to bring targeted traffic to your website. You can write reviews about the products that you have used or pick up a new one, use it and then write it.

Product Review

Just remember that genuine, honest and detailed product reviews invite the most engagement. In the example @HarshAgarwal from @ShoutmeLoud ahs reviewed the SEO tool @SEMRush.

  1. Comparisons

 Most of your readers online generally make buying decisions based on choosing between 2-3 options. That’s it, try to find those popular options and write down a comparison post.

They are excellent in driving interested users to your website.

  1. Trending News

 Trending News in your sector can be a significant traffic puller. Stay alert for such updates and just republish them in your words. Given your influence, it is bound to boost traffic to your website.

  1. Personal Experiences

 These are a great way to connect with your readers. Genuine learning experiences when shared add value to your credibility and establish a personal connection with your readers.

Personal Experiences

Source: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/

  1. Book Reviews

 Just read something informational, or something appalling? Publish a book review. It can be a great way to engage your readers in the form of opinions and discussions.

Once gain, try being genuine, honest and informative.

  1. Metaphorical Posts

 Enticing the curiosity of your potential readers is critical to increasing overall engagement. Metaphorical posts are nothing but standard articles with some added identity like:

The Essential Ingredients of a Perfect Blog Post” or

“This is how even my Stubborn Uncle excels at SEO.”

Having such character identifications makes your posts more engaging, compelling and ensures lower bounce rates.

  1. Predictions

 People are always interested in knowing what will happen in the future. Start pushing out sector/niche specific predictions at regular intervals like six-monthly or yearly. Check this example to know more.

They help enhance the authority and also boost site rankings.


  1. Success Stories

Success stories in your niche can be a great crowd-puller. Start finding people or colleagues who have succeeded in your niche and write inspirational posts with useful information.

Here is the perfect example for success story published on @Forbes Blog.

  1. Transparency Posts

Every content marketer eagerly waits for monthly income reports posted by Pat Flynn on his blog SimplePassiveIncome.com.

Not only is business transparency an important ethic, but it has also become an influencer benchmark online. Top bloggers are increasingly revealing business details to drive loyal traffic to their websites.

Transparency Posts

Source: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/

Posts like income reports, or real-time blog performance screenshots are a great hit with readers.

  1. What Not to Do Posts

Such kind of warning posts is a proven success. These posts have guidelines so as to things that should be avoided regarding a particular niche or topic.

People are attracted instantly as knowing Not To Dos helps in narrowing down decisions!

  1. Aims and Target Posts

Discussing business goals with your readers can lead to interesting discussions. You can share these targets to check whether your target audience is happy with them or not.

These posts do drive engagement and mostly revolve around gaining input from potential customers.

Goals and Targets

  1. Research-Based Posts

Detailed posts with graphics and relevant data drive engagement in information-hungry readers. Such posts are self-developed based on personal research and might take days to finalize.

You have to keep in mind the authenticity and quality of your research. It should provide extra value to your readers. Check this post for reference.


  1. Statistical Posts

Similar to research based posts, analytical posts revolve around collected numbers and historically curated scientific data. A lot of charts and graphs help make them visually appealing.

  1. EBooks

EBooks have been a proven way of online marketing and sales boosting. EBooks establish authority, drive traffic and increase brand awareness. They set the author as an expert in the respective field, which in turn increases influence.

They are very detailed (10,000 words and above) and aim at providing in-depth insights regarding a topic or a particular niche.


Source: http://www.jeffbullas.com

  1. Checklists

 “Include these items in your breakfast to make them more nutritious.”

 Sounds familiar? These are another category of very favorite posts wherein the author mentions certain things that should be done before expecting an action. They have great Call to action and can be very successful depending on your niche.

Check out this example


  1. Templates

 If you subscribe to HubSpot, you get free infographic templates. Many other popular websites offer such free content. They are easy to develop once you have the right tools and team.

It can be a great offering for your subscribers and might just deliver the missing conversions you are always looking for.

  1. Audio Books

Audio books are also a great offering for your audience. You can provide detailed insights into your niche and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

The proposition of extra value regarding audio clippings boosts traffic to your website.

  1. White Papers

White Papers are PDF summaries available online which provide the major weekly or monthly updates with relevant links and sources in a particular niche.

They have become hugely popular and are a great way to re-engage your audience and re-market already published content.

  1. Data Visuals

Descriptive data can be confusing for your readers with all those numbers and percentages. Simple graphic representations of similar data are, however, far more appealing and engaging.

Data Visual

Source: http://topinfographic.com/index.php/should-your-business-be-blogging-infographic/

  1. Graphic Lists

This can be niche dependent. However, graphic lists are a great way to compile and present information. Statistically, graphic content invites more user engagement. Therefore, it is a good idea to have such graphics in your kitty.

Graphic Lists

Source: http://www.thefactsite.com/2014/12/christmas-food-facts-infographic.html

  1. Diagrams

 Rather than describing a given situation, try simplifying it into a diagram. Psychologically speaking, visual content is easier to assimilate and understand.

Diagrams are simple in nature and can be easily shared over media platforms to drive engagement.

  1. Posters

Have a great idea for a Poster in your niche? Go ahead and publish it. The results are great. Posters can be motivational, informational or inspirational.

They are attractive and engaging and get your brand out there.


  1. Memes

 Humor is a great way to engage your audience and Memes are kinds of like the most popular way to generate it instantly online.

Now and then you can find a Meme on Facebook and have a little giggle. Most probably you will like the page the meme is from! That’s the engagement you are aiming at!


  1. GIF Posts

GIF posts have become a new rage on social media. They are small, seconds in length, provide immediate value (humor, inspiration, information or any other emotional trigger) and drive massive engagement.

GIF Post

  1. Screenshots

I for one, use a lot of screenshots in my posts. First of all, actual screenshots can never get into copyright infringement. Placing them in your blog posts increases the interaction.

Check this post out to see how I have used screenshots!

They also help in simplifying your explanations and thus, create a greater impact on your readers.

  1. Emails

Emails have been the oldest method for connecting with potential readers and customers. You can personally connect to your subscribers and establish a direct channel of communication with them.

Emails can have information, press releases, blog promotions, product pitches and a lot more. They are short, precise and reach directly in the inbox of your subscribers!

  1. SMS

SMS marketing may sound outdated, but it is not. What is outdated is the same old generic promotional SMS ad copies which keep on circulating. If you get the content right then SMS outreach programs can bring in targeted traffic, more interested in conversions.

  1. Push Notifications

I know, how can push notifications be a content type. They are! Apps rigorously use creative push notifications to attract app users into engagement. So if your business is mobile then drop in some CTA Push notifications to boost usage!

  1. Courses

These might take some time to prepare, but can be real game changers for your online business. Again, developing courses is highly niche dependent. Do remember that courses are heavily detailed and need a lot of communication, promotion and overall effort from your end.

They help in expanding your brand and increasing your overall authority.


Source: Source: https://www.quicksprout.com/blog/

  1. Newsletters

Newsletters are still alive. They go best in the form of emails, as they are an excellent way to sum up weekly or monthly updates. The percentage of bloggers who use newsletters is less as compared to other forms of content.

But still, depending on your niche, they can be a great way to provide information to your readers.

  1. Digital Brochures

They are the perfect way of promoting your services and products. You can make a PDF catalog of such things and mail them out or publish them on your website.

  1. Landing Pages

Excellent landing pages are great conversion triggers. All you need is a very good content copy and a great landing page tool like GetResponse.

Landing Pages

  1. Feature Pages

Feature pages are the best way to showcase relevant or promotional information. Bloggers use feature pages to highlight the tools that they use and also for other stuff like promoting already strong content (remarketing).

  1. Microsites

Sometimes you can find a discussion thread on your website which allows you to narrow down a problem. Guess what? You can create interactive microsites for these specific things and provide your readers with solutions on the go.

  1. Polls

Polls are a great way to engage incoming traffic. They increase session timings and improve the overall likeability of your website. You can create them using simple plugins or code them yourself.

  1. Surveys

Asking your audience questions and recording the answers is the most basic form of market research one must do as a marketer. They can be easily created using Google forms and can be used to find key trends, content and product ideas.

  1. Quizzes

Consumer engagement again! Creating trivia and quizzes relevant to your niche can easily spike up the engagement on your website. You can add them to the sidebars or publish them as complete posts.

  1. Apps and Tools

How are they a form of content? Well, your in-house apps and tools allow your readers and customers to interact heavily with your business and take an interest. Having such content is quintessential for mobile advertisers and marketers.

  1. Contests 

The incentive of a reward is a universal trigger. You can launch contests and give awards in a planned manner over your websites. They help in brand outreach and improve the reception for your business.

  1. Video Posts

Video Posts have become a new rage ever since Dubsmash smashed all video records globally. Not only video is the most engaging form of media, but it also helps in delivering content, which written words can sometimes fail at.

Source: ShoutMeLoud

An increasing number of marketers are incorporating video posts in their content campaigns. So should you.

  1. Video Interviews

Interviews are a great way of getting yourself out there and interacting with influencers in your niche. With tools like GoToWebinar, you don’t need to be in a Studio! Conduct your video interviews and start posting them online.

Video Interviews

Source: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/tv/how-to-get-started-with-live-streaming-video/

  1. Banner Advertisements

 Banner Ads are the most converting online form of advertising. If you have the budget, get an excellent Banner Ad Copy, get a design and start pushing your brand.

Nothing adds extra push like some paid banner advertising!

Banner ads

  1. Guest Posts

Writing on other influential blogs is a great way to pull crowds towards your own business. Try and find relevant blogs in your niche and pitch them your ideas. Guest posts can your business links and pass around your brand in other circles.

  1. Magazines

While the paper magazine is slowly dying out, it is still a great way for your business to reach customers. It has become massively niche dependent and needed a lot of effort.

  1. Reports

Publishing stuff like income reports, performance reports and other statistics in the form of articles can be an excellent way of generating authority in your niche. Tried and Tested kind of articles work best in this respect.

  1. Webinars

Webinars is a great form of interactive content type. You need a great Internet connection and a tool like GoToWebinar, and you are set. Any number of viewers can log on to the webinar and start interacting with you.

  1. Event Replays

So you spoke at an event or organized one. You must have recorded it. Don’t waste it. Upload and publish it online on your YouTube channel. They are a great way to market your services online.

Source: ShoutMeLoud

  1. Conferences and Workshops

Doing targeted workshops and seminars in your niche is a great offline way to amplify your brand and promote your business. Choose a topic, set a date, list your event and start interacting with potential attendees!

  1. Live Streams

Live Stream videos are very popular. You can easily start one through your YouTube channel. Real Time experiences generate increased engagement across niches.

Source: SafariLive

  1. Presentations

Made a stellar presentation somewhere. Well, you can easily publish it on Slideshare or your website. Presentations reflect professionalism and thus increase your brand credibility. LinkedIn is the best place to post presentations.

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are radio shows created on the Internet. They are audio recordings which can be published on your website or other channels like SoundCloud.

They are a popular form of online interaction with audiences and many popular bloggers organize them consistently. They can be pre-recorded and as well as live-streamed.

  1. Live Chat

Having the Live Chat feature on your website is a great way to solve customer queries and engage with them. It also opens channels for real-time marketing and conversion.

  1. Vlog Posts

A little-written content added along with an interesting video: you have an engaging Vlog Post. The idea is here is to drive maximum engagement.

  1. Audio Posts

Similar to Vlog posts but only come with voice recordings. They help in giving added value to your audience.

  1. Galleries

If you are a photographer, travel blogger or food blogger, then imagery is one of your most powerful weapons. Publish themed galleries from time to time to maximize user interaction and make them fall in love with your work.


Source: https://medianovak.com/portfolio/

  1. Bonus Libraries

A little extra on the side is never a bad crowd puller. Bonus libraries are just a compendium sort of page you can publish on your website offering free resources to your readers. They will love it and love your business for it.

  1. FAQs

If you run a mainstream blog in your niche, then doubts and queries must keep coming all the time. It gets complicated to manage them on one framework. Launch a separate FAQ section and keep your readers satisfied with the correct answers.

  1. Content Syndication

Excellent content invites the attention of others. If you deliver such content, other brands and websites will take note and allows you to republish it on their websites. More circulation, more traffic more business!


Blog Comments are a super way of connecting with others in your industry and popularizing your individual brand. Remember that random commenting doesn’t help; your comments should be relevant, contextual and genuine.

Blog Commenting

  1. Forums

Creating unique forums for relevant discussions in your niche is an ideal way to enhance engagement on your website. The most active people on these forums are your users and readers, and you can interact directly with them.

Warrior Forum

  1. Wikis

Wikis have become a source of genuine and informative content globally. What’s awesome is that you can create your wikis and link them to your websites. They are one the most searched items can lead traffic to you.

  1. Ask Me Anything Posts

When you allow people to ask you questions, there are always many takers. Ask me anything posts are made to establish authority in a certain field or topic. They bring a lot of interaction to your website.

  1. Failure Stories

Sharing stories of failure and mistakes can be a great way to connect with your readers. People like to read such stuff, as the learning opportunity is great.

  1. Connecting Posts

Connecting posts are developed so that users can follow links to the same website and increase their interaction. They are strategically created and should deliver instant value to your readers or else they may bounce off.

  1. Comics/Cartoons

Laughter is one of the most powerful triggers universally for any business. If you know a good cartoonist then he can develop fine comic strips and cartoons relevant to your niche and start attracting larger crowds.


Source: http://www.67notout.com/2013/04/funny-cartoons-about-blogs-and-blogging.html

  1. Concept Visualization

Concept Visualization means a phenomenon pictorially. It is very popular these days. Graphic retention is psychologically higher than other forms of media. Therefore, brand retention also becomes higher!

Concept Visualization

  1. Embedded Tweets

You can always find interesting tweets online about the content ideas that you are working on. You can embed these tweets and make your posts more interactive.

 Embedded Tweet

  1. Embedded YouTube Videos

The same goes for YouTube videos. You can embed your videos to your blog or share other interesting videos relevant to your niche. Posts with embedded YouTube videos perform better than others.

Embedded Videos

  1. Video Rants

Being an influencer opens up channels. Your opinions start to matter. If you have something to blurt out, then do. Finalize the video and upload it. Genuine opinion rants can go viral.

  1. Link Pages

Link pages are resource based pages or posts that provide your readers with a broad range of resources in the forms of links. You can use these to launch flash sales, earn affiliate commissions and drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Event Promotions

Promoting favorite events on your website can drive traffic towards you. Pick events relevant to your niche, promote them to your readers and see the spike yourself.

  1. Appreciation Posts

Everybody loves recognition. If you find something genuinely likable, then share a shout out about it. It will get people interested in you and your brand too!

  1. Slideshare

 Slideshare is a great way to generate traffic through LinkedIn. If you have stellar professional slides to publish, then do them here.

What you will get is the most professional crowd in your sector, and that needless to say is in itself a bundle of opportunities.


Source: LinkedIn

  1. Performance Posts

Writing posts about how your blog is performing or any of the tools or resources that you use is panning out might be a great way to get the interest of your readers. It shows transparency and improves retention.

  1. Newsjacking posts

This means the list of the most trending news in your sector and presenting it to your followers so that they don’t need to go anywhere else. It is a great way to offer your readers something different and invite more traffic

  1. Instagram Posts

These are quite the rage these days. Websites like BuzzFeed utilize the power of Instagram very efficiently. You can embed Instagram photos in your posts and make them more interactive as they become instantly shareable and likable.

  1. Pinterest Posts

 The same goes for Pinterest. It has already established itself in the graphic social media game, and Businesses are more inclined to use it. You can easily embed your pins to your post and gain from the targeted traffic of Pinterest.

  1. Update Posts

A post can convey any major update or event in your niche or sector. Be the first to publish updates like these. They drive traffic, as people are interested in knowing what is trending.

  1. Screencasts

They are a great thing to include in your tutorials or how to guides. They are recordings of your computer screen. You can show how tools are used or almost any process that you want to discuss.

  1. Promotional Posts

Promoting popular stuff in your sector is a great way to boost traffic. They can be short 300 word posts just outlining the major updates.

  1. Plugins

 Plugins can be counted as content types as they help in boosting site performance, and most of them are built to increase interaction with users. Use plugins that help make your posts shareable and increase user engagement. You can find many such plugins online.

  1. Moment Shares

It is crucial to connect with your audience on a personal level if you want to generate influence. Sharing personal moments like Selfies, Travel or business moments can be very helpful in increasing user engagement.


  1. Curiosity Content

This encompasses the philosophical side of your brand. You can generate more awareness by triggering interest of your readers with posts like:

“Do you think it is right to use paid SERP Boosting Tools?”

“What you should know about achieving success is in here.”

 The idea is to invite more traffic by triggering a need for the solution.

  1. Instructional Videos

 Instructional videos always perform better than instructional posts. This is because videos are much easier to understand, and you can tell a lot of stuff in very little time.

  1. Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks can have infinite alterations across niches. They are easy to create if you are well versed in your niche and are always a popular form of content amongst readers.

  1. “Proof of” Posts

Everybody likes to hear the absolute truth. That is why evidence based posts are very engaging and go viral across niches. If you have reflective material, then go ahead and publish it.

  1. Content by User

A great way to engage your users is to make them a part of your content. You can pick some genuine and curious content from your websites in the form of user comments and publish them. This is reengagement

You can also invite users to write something on your website. This is a great way of establishing personal connect and mutual respect with your audience.

  1. Mass Circulations

If you can get your post circulated in mass media, then that is a great way for brand outreach!

  1. PDFs

Detailed PDFs about topics relevant to your niche can be published as white papers or separate documents and shared with your audience via mail or your website. It is a great way of giving added value to your audience.

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