Is Data Quality Your Lead Flow’s Executioner?

“In God we trust; all others bring data.” ― W. Edwards Deming

The world is changing today at per second rate. New advancements in technologies are changing the way we think & live. The change is reaching all ways of our life including business. Corporates are applying the changes in their day to day activities as they do not want to get lagged behind competitors. One word which is being highlighted multiple times will be data, as businessmen around the world swear on their lives that it is the answer to more than half of their business problems. Businesses which were done on basis of instincts & gut feeling are changing in today’s data-driven world. Where there is data there is cloud. Cloud storage has enabled organizations to store their bulk of data safely using web applications.

Today’s marketers run their daily business with the help of data. The primary aim of marketing is to generate leads. What today’s marketers should focus on is the quality of data that gets available to them to ensure successful execution of their campaigns. Imagine if XYZ pvt ltd is launching a new product in the market. However perfect their marketing activities are, without quality data leads cannot be generated. This is because data is the backbone of this age’s marketing activities. Without proper information regarding the customer the marketing won’t attain its full phase. Then the whole marketing campaign will loose its meaning as generating leads is the primary objective of marketing.

So how to maintain quality of data?

In marketing terms data means information regarding the clients that can be used for passing on the information. It can be a mail id, phone number, company the particular person works in, position he/she holds or even the name. Knowing whether the particular person is important for your business will also come under part of the data. There are several the challenges that constitutes in maintaining the data perfectly.

In today’s world, there are a number of ways through which customers can be contacted but the challenge lies in identifying the most preferred method. If a particular customer prefers messages being send via email but if you have all the other information besides his mail id then there is no point in having the data only. Marketers can take advantage of Data Appending services to fill in the missing fields whether it’s a mail id or phone number. With this the sales reps won’t be stuck at just one particular channel & will have the option of using multiple mediums for contacting the client.

In the fast moving world of marketing up-to-date data that reflects the clients is required for running strong marketing campaigns. The data gets corrupted when there is duplication or incorrect or outdated data present in the company database. With the help of Data Cleansing services the data can be cleaned of all these faults which will eventually result in the increase of efficiency of the sales personnel. With proper cleansed data marketers can build strategies that allow meeting the demands of the customer who is at the top of their trends.

Sometimes in companies data should be migrated from one system to another. During these times there are chances that the data may loose its accuracy. With the help of Data Verification services it can be made sure that the customer data that is transferred from one system to other remains accurate, consistent & clean before it is being used for marketing or sales campaigns.

Sometimes having the perfect data may not be a marketer’s answer but knowing whether it’ll be useful for him can be. Data validation services is the answer to that as it helps marketers to match whether the data is for the targeted customer. It is the way of processing or checking to find if the data satisfies the apt criteria.

All these comes under the branch of Data Enhancement which is all about making sure that any data that is coming into business is being looked at with a critical eye & is being filtered down to maximize its value.

Make it Easy

But maintaining all these will be a struggle that companies will face in their processes. As it’s clear that data is a critical resource for success in business it will be a lot easy for you if you leave that work to the experts. Contact DataCaptive today, if you are in doubt to how to start maintaining your Data.

Data is Gold

Data sources are new age marketers weapons for properly executing his missions. With the help of data the process marketers can do the over-all lead management including lead nurturing, lead enrichment & even demand generation. Data also plays an important role in lead generation. As mentioned above by taking advantage of the good quality information regarding the customer the marketers can strategize his techniques in way that the marketing message reaches the customer without fail.

Data is the answer for businesses of today & marketers should make proper utilization of it for success.

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