How to win in Email Marketing using Emojis

The emoji’s have eased our communication efforts. It is so common that we use it in our daily chats, text, emails, etc., and you will find emoji for nearly every activity a person can do ?

Many people think that emoji’s are for personal communications, but these are part of well throughout marketing strategy these days.

The Professional Marketers use Emoji’s in the subject line of email campaigns. Many have experienced that subject line with emoji has a higher email open.

It is paramount for you to understand the difference between emoticons and emoji’sEmoji’s get derived from emoticons which we use to use in old days by combining keyboard keys.

A/B Testing your email campaign will help you find if the Emoji’s make your audience more likely to open your emails or not.

 ?Check out some Awesome Emojis to use in your next email campaign ?

From this Infographic below you will learn how to use Emoji’s in your Email Marketing Campaigns.

ultimate guide using emojis in email marketing

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The Conclusion to the above Infographic

Emoji’s are the next generation of Emoticons. These are symbols that are universal no matter what platform you use. You will probably find thousands of Emoji’s to express yourself.

While using Emoji’s into your marketing campaign, make sure not to throw them very frequently. You must think about adding a emoji to your email subject line which summarizes your feelings for that particular mail.

Note: Before adding emoji carefully work on all the aspects and make sure it is relevant.

It’s vital to test your marketing with Emoji’s on a variety of platforms, programs, and devices. Don’t trust on one thing or a single person, to check dig more deep into it and find the problem before the email leaves your server.

On another side, you need to make sure while using marketing emoji’s people talk about you in a positive way about your brand, product or service.

If one people thinks negative about using your emoji’s, many people will. You need to generate excitement for emoji’s to make more sales.

You have thought and create something creative and memorable which people loves and isn’t confusing. If you lose your reader from a confusing subject line, your efforts will be useless, and you will lose a valuable opportunity.

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