How to write content for website that converts

Are you writing the content for your website first time? Or you are planning to re-write the content.

If you want to write a perfect content for your website you are at right place.

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Planning to write content for your site, believe me, no one can write better than you. Because you are the only person, who understands your product or service in and out.

Outsourcing the core website content will be a significant pain, as you need to make sure the writer has 360-degree knowledge of your product or service.

So you must be wondering what type of content I should write? You can explicitly write content that encourages purchase and conversions.

In this article, I will mention 7 approaches on How to write Content for website that Converts.

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There are many professionals out there who dont do content writing, but they actually content copywriting. You can check this article on @SearchEngineLand on Content Copywriting.

1. Help don’t Promote

I have seen many people supporting their stuff directly or adding a promotional pitch in their content, which is the biggest mistake they can do while writing content for their website.

On the other hand, if you take a different approach where 90% of your content stream is educational, informative and problem solving for your readers. The possibility of converting your readers into leads and further into Customers.

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2. Mak it Personal

When you are writing a content make sure you show a personal touch to your audience, by sharing your own personal experience or showing your customers experience about your product or service inf the form of testimonial or case study.

Making content go personal always helps readers to connect with thier problem and evenutally brings more conversion. What i will say instead is “Use Emotion to Motivate” your readers which is more specific and therefore more useful.

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3. Remove Disctractions

This is one of the proven and tested method for me. I tried to focus my content on a single pitch rather than multiple requests at once, which eventually brings more conversions for me.

For Example try to use sing page for each product this will help users to focus on that one product at a time. Other example you can remove the menu and other links from your payment process page, this will surely increase the closing rate.

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4. Add Urgency Factor

If you are able to add the urgency factor in your content, this can do do magics in conversion. The limitation on time or availability and fear of missing out, these are not just the factors you need to add into your landing pages, online ads or marketing emails. They are factors you need to actually implement across your website content.

Its good to include interaction with in your content, but you also need to add ugency factors like:

  • Limited Stock – Increase the sales for online store by 42%
  • Sales Ends on xx-xx-xxxx
  • Special Discount only for you etc

5. Keep it Simple

Keep your content simple, clear and to the point, dont try to distract the users by adding out of the topic information. You can keep a note of these factors:

  • Topic Introduction
  • Make it easy to understand
  • Explain how it benefits your readers

Tip: Dont only write content that increase awareness, but write content that benefits your readers and educated them on your product and service.

6. Become and Authority


People wants to listen to authorities, so add an authority factor to your business or personal brand. You website should have all the possible content around your product or service, in other words convert your website into wikipedia for your niche.

Adding lot of content around product gives a symbol to your audience of authority, so educate your user and make them learn more and more so that you can fetch actual conversion.

With Authority you can also play with social proofing by increasing your followers far more than your competitor. Like i have huge fan following on my facbook fan page which differential me from competetion.

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7. Perfect Call to Action

Adding just another call to action will not solve the purpose, mind it you have to make it perfect. Only writing a content will engage your audience but for the ocnversion you have to place the CTA at right place at right time.

It has been observerd webmasters place the CTA at the start of the page, but it should be place after the content once the user is already egaged with your content.

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I hope the above 7 tips helped you to frame your next perfect content writing startergy. You might be optimising you content for SEO and SMO by stuffing keyowrds etc. Now you have to also take care for optmising it for conversions.

May you have already used some of the above mentioned startergies, let me know how it goes for you in the comment section below.


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About the Author:

Danish Wadhwa is Digital Marketing & Branding Pro, who is helping startup and business for sales conversion optimization. His drive, passion, and analytical mind enabled his successful foray into the arena of Marketing & Sales Automation.


  1. Mohammed Anzil September 3, 2016 at 10:46 am - Reply

    Hi Danish…

    Your article seems really simple.”No one can write better than you”. Yes, I know my service or attitude better than anyone.

    Thanks for sharing the article.


    • Danish Wadhwa November 15, 2016 at 2:01 pm - Reply

      Thanks Anzil for the appreciation. You caught it right dear, now it’s time to make it happen.

      Let me know if i could be of any more help to you.


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