How to Combine Digital Marketing and Direct Mail

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We are now in the age of digital marketing. However, the rise of multiple digital channels has caused many people to rethink their marketing strategies. After all, with so many digital platforms out there, what makes yours any different? That’s why we believe there is still a place for direct mail. In fact, direct mail [...]

Concluded 7 studies to find The Best Time to Send Email

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What is the right time to send email? It's one of the very common questions I come across while interacting with Marketing people. Your emails open rate will fall if it goes out at the wrong time. Sending it on a perfect time could get you a tremendous result on your campaign's effectiveness. Do you [...]

How to win in Email Marketing using Emojis

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The emoji’s have eased our communication efforts. It is so common that we use it in our daily chats, text, emails, etc., and you will find emoji for nearly every activity a person can do ? Many people think that emoji’s are for personal communications, but these are part of well throughout marketing strategy these days. [...]