20 Simple Reasons Why is Content Marketing so Important?

Content is at the heart of each online business. With cut-throat competitions, continuous innovation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to expand your brand. For this, you must go through all the 20 points which explain Why is Content Marketing so important?

However, understanding the importance of content marketing is not rocket science and does not involve deep-rooted technical knowledge. One can see market trends and make out simple logical reasons like brand building, audience engagement, enhancing customer experience and more.

Excellent content, when marketed intelligently can brings a lot of conversions to your business. The cost of opportunity is also less as Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and gives you three times more leads. That is why more than 90% of brand managers and marketers are inclined to use content marketing in their business.

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In this post, I have summed up some very straightforward and rational reasons which showcase how intelligent content marketing helps grow your business and generate more customers.

20 Reasons Why is Content Marketing so Important?

According to recent statistics, at least 60% of marketers create one piece of content each day. It means that they are working on new articles, photos, and videos as I write this post and as you read it. Dragon Search Marketing outlines that informative content influences 61% consumers.

If you are a startup, you can skip reading this because I strongly recommend you to invest your time & money on Content Marketing. It can be a real game changer for your marketing strategy. You can check my recent post on Marketing Strategies for Startup.

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  1. Relevant Content = Trustworthy Brand

When you post content that is relevant to your products, services, and your customers, it conveys a feeling of reliability, and they start talking about your brand.

For example, if you are a health product brand and you are marketing content about your product. If you just write articles and post promotional ads to bring in more sales, you will probably fail.

On the other hand, you build content which provides relevant information to the user like where the product is made, how it is created, what are the real benefits, how readily available it is and more. It will work wonders for you and bring more conversions than ever.

Receiving customer trust is paramount and the only way to acquire it is through relevant content marketing. That is why the most effective B2B content marketers allocate 42% of their marketing budget to content as compared of ineffective marketers who only allocate 28% or less. (Source: Forbes)

2. Marketers can target more Precisely

Online advertising mediums are very focused. There is a large number of demographic, occupational, professional and personal filters that marketers can choose.

Therefore, intelligent Content Marketers will use this to their advantage. If you don’t reach out to your target audience, then none of that content is of any value.

Relevant content marketing with the right kind of targeting helps you to narrow down your target audience and increase your overall conversion rates.

3. Creates a Strong Brand Awareness

Content marketing helps enhance the visibility of your brand. The more your content is available and reads on social media, the more likes, shares, mentions and tags it gets, the more people come to know about your brand.

Advertising is all about leaving a lasting impression in the mind of your target customer. Content Marketing helps you do just that.

The concept of Brand recall where each potential customer remembers your brand due to some unique selling proposition (USP) is an evergreen one. With sound content marketing strategies, you create similar impressions for your business.

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4. Customer Engagement Statistics

Managers and Marketers are number hungry people. I consistently keep checking the statistics of my blog. The real-time visitors, the comments, the shares, the mentions, each piece of detail matters.

Even the links which people use to buy products and services are tracked down and analyzed to predict consumer behavior. As a brand marketer, you have to stay alerted regarding these numbers. Traditional modes of advertising never provided such detailed statistics.

As a brand marketer, you have to be alerted regarding these numbers. Traditional modes of advertising never provided such detailed statistics.

With content marketing, you can receive relevant information about the way your target customers interact with your brand. You can pick up key insights and introduce quick tweaks in your strategies that yield better results.

For instance, I used to post relatively shorter articles when I started out. However, because of the unique content and strong marketing, I received real engagement.

I picked up that more people were interested in detailed information rather than summaries. I learned this from the comments my readers posted, from the high bounce rates on short articles.

Therefore, I began developing longer posts for my blog and saw better results.

5. To the point Projections for your business

Every business, big or small needs to speculate the future, both long-term and short-term.

A blogger needs to know what his target audience is looking to read; A product manager must know the trending innovation in the sector and so on.

With content marketing, you get information which helps you in creating realistic engagement. Based on the targets and expectations for your business. You discover areas which deliver for you and also those which need improvement.

6. Helps in creating brand identity

I believe brand value is the only everlasting benchmark for any business. It doesn’t matter if it is an individual brand or a real brand, the moment people stop recognizing it, your business will start to dwindle.

Content Marketing brings your business out to the people. The more people interact with it through posts, tweets and pins, the more they remember you.
Brand identity leads to brand pull which brings an increased number customers to your business.

You can also Win with Personal Branding (Influential Marketing)

7. Best way to showcase your Products and Services

Content marketing involves an all-round strategy. It includes the creation of informative posts, graphics, and videos which are aimed at generating leads and sales based on search queries which these users enter.

Because this marketing medium revolves around customers rather than the business itself. Naturally, it has become the best way to promote your products and services.

By promoting content rich media, marketers tap into the information hungry customer. The brand which relays the best solution wins!

8. Creates Brand Influence

Most managers are familiar with what market leadership is? For every business, it is important to showcase authority in their field.

Influence based content marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Content campaigns that aim at establishing brand authority not only gather trust for the brand but also increase outreach which leads to more leads and conversions.

For example, if you are entering a search query related to your Business, you will instantly be swayed to go for links given by Forbes or Business Insider. In the same way, if your question is related to men’s fashion, you might be inclined to click on MensXP or GQ links.

It is the brand authority I am talking about. When people think of your sector, they should think of you.

Sometimes we keep working on something, and we don’t get results, in case we have to be a focus and planned. You can check this article by @KissMetrics 10 Reasons why content marketing is not working for you.

9. Content Marketing can be diversified

As discussed earlier, Content Marketing filters are diverse. Take Google Adwords, FaceBook Ads or Twitter for business, the extent to which you can segment your campaigns is too deep.

Take Facebook ads for instance. You can narrow down your audience according to where they live, what they like and the kind of work they do. There are much more options like these.

What I am trying to say is that Content Marketing allows you reach the remotest potential customer. Therefore, it’s importance cannot be neglected.

10. Content Marketing can be automated with tools

Any good content marketing program will be majorly automated after the production process. There are various tools like Buffer, Trello and so much more which marketers use to manage and implement their programs.

These tools not only make your campaigns smarter but efficient, saving on overall marketing costs and leading to more profits. They also provide you with insights and data like optimum sharing times, high performing channels and backlink metrics.

The data helps in adding key insights to your campaigns and generating better results.

Want to know more about content marketing tools? Click here!

11. It helps you get ahead of your competition

I always say that competition in markets helps brands and businesses bring out the best in them. On the internet, these brands and companies compete for the same variables like identity, outreach, leads and sales.

Content Marketing allows you to formulate strategies which, when implemented, help you escalate your brand value and get ahead of your competition. This involves methods where competition is analyzed with the help of content marketing tools like Online Rank Watch.

Similarities and differences are found out in campaigns and then differentiation is created. This way content marketing allows your consistently innovate and create unique strategies that make you stand ahead of the crowd.

12. Content Marketing = Traffic = Business

According to Forbes, 32% of total marketing budgets will be allocated to content in 2016. Compared to 25% last year, it is a steep rise. Why do you think this is happening?

I believe the reason is simple. Smart content marketers are finding out that excellent content marketing strategies yield 4x results for businesses as compared to other marketing channels.

Content Marketing allows you to reach more potential customers through various mediums like emails, blog posts, infographics, and videos. While emails are still a private channel, Social Media Channels help in generating enhanced customer experience which all the more benefits your business.

More engagement means higher real-time traffic, lower bounce rates, and maximum conversions.

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13. Helps in differentiating your brand

I find the concept of brand differentiation critical for any business. What does it exactly mean?

Brand Differentiation means putting a unique picture of your business, product, and services in front of the customers so that they remember your business instantly. It means portraying your brand as different from others.

Content Marketing helps in building that unique identity. This involves strategies where unique brand-oriented content is produced and then promoted across various channels. Take HappilyUnmarried.com for instance.

They have targeted content campaigns which pique the interests of a certain age-group which is young bachelor males and females.

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14. Amplifies Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one the prime objectives of content marketing. Each business is looking to acquire more customers with its marketing strategies.

Content Marketing helps marketers reach to potential customers through targeted content, social promotions, and other digital ad media. This content-based outreach helps in creating more loyal customers than other channels.

That is why 85% B2B marketers believe that lead generation will be the most important outcome of content marketing in 2016. (Source: Forbes). With increased lead generation the odds of conversion and subsequent sales increases automatically.

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15. Content Marketing Campaigns pay off ⅔ times

This is a purely statistics based reason. Content Marketing campaigns succeed more often based on intelligent targeting and smart marketing practices.
Those campaigns that fail are usually based on lopsided content strategies and poor targeting.

Successful strategies yield maximum results because content marketing allows you to tap into a global pool of potential customers. Inadvertently, these customers engage with your content and become indirect marketers themselves. This leads to enhanced results based on word-of-mouth advertising.

16. Improves Search Engine Visibility

Search engines like Google and Bing give a lot of importance to customer engagement, social media links, shares, and tags.

This means that the more powerful your brand is on the internet, the higher it will show on search queries. Marketers will agree on the fact that organic search queries are the best source of convertible leads.

Therefore, the right kind of content marketing boosts your SEO and allows your brand to come on top of search engines in the most organic and authentic way.

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17. Web Optimization depends on Content Marketing

As I already discussed in the previous point, Content Marketing is the most integral part of your SEO strategy.

This is because according to the latest Google Updates, SEO will not depend on links the same way it used to before. It will largely depend on the reactions your content generate on the Internet.

To generate the right kind of reaction, you need the right kind of content marketing completely optimized according to your business and target audience.

18. Content is King and Content Marketing is the army

The information age and the internet have made content very pivotal. The new kind of consumers are information hungry. Their decisions depend on detailed research, valuation of options and finding the best alternative. There are no more emotional triggers.

Therefore, content marketing is all the more important because it should be your business answering to the questions and producing content which these interested consumers want.

Content Marketing allows you to organize your information and present to your target audience in a way that satisfies their queries, projects transparency and quality and doesn’t stress on forcefully convincing someone into a sale.

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19. Genuine Content improves site authority

This is especially important for small business owners and e-commerce websites. Your site authority is a factor which drives traffic to your business online.

With enhanced content marketing, your site authority increases. This happens because of increased site activity and amplified link portfolio and engagement juice of your target audience.

What follows is an increase in brand outreach, authoritative influence (what you say becomes important) and you steadily establish your brand.

20. Its costs a lost less

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Content Marketing costs a lot less that other generic marketing mechanisms. There are many reasons for this including the linear nature of advertising, cheap cost of operations on the Internet, a very competitive market and more.

That is why it is important for small businesses to launch their content campaigns. Given the low cost, it becomes easier to scale up your business and find interested customers and turn leads into sales.

Content Marketing has evolved as an all-round marketing mix for companies, both big and small. However, I believe its importance is more for SMEs and individual level businesses like blogs and niche websites.

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I believe these 20 points are enough to convince you Why is Content Marketing so important for your Business.

Content Marketing is easy on the budget and amplifying on the results. The above reasons are only a glimpse into how it can help your business by pushing your brand and creating a unique identity for it. So, if you haven’t started with it, you better do!

How else do you think Content Marketing can help businesses grow on the Internet? Do Share your thoughts!

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